Perhaps It’s Okay to be in the Dark

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Happy Solstice Friends!!  Happy sweet, tender solitude. I have been thinking about darkness more of late — how it shows up in and around us. How easy it is to react with fear, shame, containment, false happiness, or even to try to give a story/association rather than just letting it be a state – like so […]

The Winter / Spring Tug-o-War

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I think I end up writing something on this subject every year as it rolls around – it is such a humorously delightful time of year – the grand tug of war between winter and spring!  We are 6 days away from the official first day of spring here in New England.  Last Wednesday and […]

Sensitivity and Responsibility

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A dear friend of mine has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  There wasn’t a lump or a pain or a sense that something was wrong.  She’s in her mid-forties and as the New Year rolled around she decided that part of her ‘resolution’ was just to go get all the standard exams that western […]

Why do you teach?

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We see ourselves in each other.  This was the first teaching I learned when I started yoga.  What we adore about another is inside of us—what we feel twisted about in another is also inside of us-reflection.  I also learned that we see more in others than they see in themselves—that we are more seen in this life than we […]

How often do I practice yoga?

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I often get asked what I eat, do I work out, how often do I do yoga?  I admire these questions.  I remember thinking about them when I used to study with a particular teacher.  I see them as a longing for growth–a longing for change—a longing for a healthier life.  I think it takes a lot of guts […]