Yoga Therapy Sessions

Yoga Therapy is an emerging health modality designed to meet you exactly where you are, help you clarify what you need, and define ways to get your needs and desires met to optimize health and contentment.   As a yoga therapist, I am trained to assess through listening, questioning, observing, watching, and touch to find ways to help you reduce or manage symptoms, improve function, and cultivate acceptance of/empowerment in your body/being no matter what health condition you present.  As a therapist I have worked with pain management (back pain, shoulder injuries, pre/post surgery, chronic pain), fatigue, insomnia, anxiety disorders, depression, assimilating disease diagnosis, PTSD, depression, autoimmune diseases, self destructive behavior patterns, disorder eating behaviors, grief, and the list goes on.  Because Yoga therapy is looking at how we live in and through hour bodies, it is a modality of support for any condition.

Yoga Therapy can be a useful adjunct to the western medical model or can stand on it’s own as in intervetion depending on the condition and your needs.  The crux of Yoga Therapy is less about teaching yogic techniques and more about helping you overcome challenges and gain independence.  In this, each session is highly personalized  to establish appropriate goals, define a reasonable/doable practice intervention, and explore how to employ the intervention.

I am happy to chat by phone or in person if you have questions about Yoga Therapy for yourself or a loved one.  Feel free to contact me here.

Yoga Privates

Yoga as a practice was traditionally taught teacher to student 1:1.  Below are a few reasons to consider a private yoga session:

• If you are new to yoga (or you have taken a hiatus from your practice), a private yoga session welcomes you exactly where you are and gives space to receive individual attention, ask questions, dig deeper into a posture or part of your body, and refine actions that vitalize.

• If you are recovering from an injury or illness or if you have physical limitations, a private yoga session is a way to customized a practice to address your specific therapeutic needs.  Hands-on adjustments, the use of props, and specific breathing and meditation techniques are used to support your healing process.

• If you feel intimidated, fearful or even competitive in a group setting, 1:1 instruction allows you to tailor your practice to your needs.  Perhaps you wanting gentle and restorative poses to calm frazzled nerves, or an invigorating and flowing practice to give you a lift.  The class is organized to meet you however you show up.

• If your schedule does not coincide with group classes, schedule a private yoga class to fit your schedule.

• If you have a group who would like to practice together or to celebrate a special event together, a private group yoga session is a perfect way to meet your needs. 

Personal yoga classes / Group yoga classes
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