“I have been studying yoga for nine years, under many different teachers.  For the last three years I have studied with Kellie.  She is without question the best teacher I have had.  She has remarkable body empathy which allows her to guide the most inflexible students into poses that they would not have thought possible.  She sets challenges for her students and gives clear instructions on how to meet them.  Her patience, creativity, sense of humor and wisdom always make it a joy to attend class.  You simply must take a class with Kellie.” -Persa Batra

*Yoga with Kellie is yoga in the service of life; a refuge for one’s self that generates positive ripples outward to others. Kellie is delightfully genuine, intuitive, humble and generous of spirit. She brings a sense of wonder and humor to the practice. Yoga with Kellie is yoga for real!

-Miriam Oppenheimer


Over the past 18 months, practicing yoga with Kellie as transformed my life.  Her brilliant, spiritual teachings and challenging, heart-centered practice has shifted the alignment of my mind and body.  I have experienced tremendous personal growth and physical change through my practice. Every class she opens the doors to the art of possibility so that we may each step across the threshold to discover more purpose.  I am genuinely honored, humbled, and grateful for Kellie.

Max Woolf

Kellie has the natural ability to make each of her students, even in a crowded studio, feel welcome and uniquely worthy of her attention.  Serious beginners are given as much helpful consideration as advanced practitioners.  I have never had a class with Kellie–and I practice with her three times each week–in which I haven’t learned something important about my possibilities for a fuller expression.  Each class is somehow a revelation: compelling, challenging, and for me, absolutely necessary.

-Cynthia Hill

I have always been so amazed at Kellie’s willingness to share so much of her personal experiences with the class and then somehow apply these experiences/life lessons to the yoga mat.  At times, Kellie has moved me to tears…both of joy and of sadness.  This is a good thing.   By the way, I love the Mary Oliver poetry as well.

Also, Kellie has an incredible ability to describe exactly how to get into whatever yoga pose we happen to be working on.  What I thought was impossible becomes not only a possibility but actually achievable.

And let’s not forget her sense of humor!  Deadly serious yoga would be no fun at all!

-Susan Stern


I had the pleasure of knowing Kellie as a friend for a number of years before I attended a yoga class with her. I was not surprised that her quiet attention, her patience, and her gentle sense of humor manifested on the mat as they do in conversation. Kellie is a talented yogi and a gifted teacher, able to inspire and support students as they explore both breath and postures. Kellie has the ability to demystify the work of yoga while at the same time making its spiritual aspect meaningful and accessible. I look forward to my next practice with her!

-Kathy Hall

Kellie Finn is a teacher of my dreams.  She inspires me to work on my most challenging areas, as well as what is most familiar.  She asks for movements that make my jaw drop, and then she leads us through warm ups to prepare our muscles and our minds to attempt them.  Sometimes I surprise myself and over the months and years, hard poses actually unfold.  No matter what, I find myself unfolding.  She is a teacher with COURAGE and she fosters courage in each of us.  My delight is that she combines what seems wild and crazy with the wisdom of alignment and precision.  We are safe, we grow, and we feel the support and love of our yoga community.

Also, I have never felt comfort in religion or sermons, but in Kellie I have found someone who’s deep inner thoughts, and daily experience move me.  I listen to her chosen poems, her sharing from the depths of herself, her teaching of some sanskrit concepts, and I am deeply moved, honored, and delighted.  She has a relationship with both the darkness AND the brightness of our human being.  I often wish I could take notes and replay some thoughts.

_Mindy Theroux


“Kellie is a truly amazing yoga teacher.  Her extensive knowledge of how bodies work informs how she teaches and her ability to explain pose beautifully.  It also allows her to help build awareness and ease in my body as I do yoga as a student in her classes.

She is non-dogmatic in her teaching.  Her wisdom and humor are generous, allowing for her precious heart-opening guidance to infuse her teaching.  Kellie is exuberantly and contagiously present and she helps bring her students into the moment with her, which is a delightful gift.

Kellie is a combination of sweet supportive encouragement and a strong expectation that you will do your best.  This combination allows for tremendous expansion of both the physical and spiritual body of her students.  She is brilliant.”

-Katherine Harris


“I am not really a “yoga person” so when I actually look forward to it the relaxation/meditation end of my practice–well that’s saying a lot to Kellie’s great teaching!”

Kellie’s style is great–a combination of teach and being taught. I’m an athlete who is yoga-challenged, yet Kellie teaches with grace and humility–a perfect combination. I have learned so much — both mentally and physically. I feel like she knows exactly how I’m feeling that week and is directing the whole hour and a half just to me!

-Leslie Anne Charles